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Our Principals

In 2009, Ximena and Rodrigo made a decision to educate their both 8 and 11 years-old daughters outside the regular and traditional educational path. That innovative decision started up the Homeschool movement in Chile due to the mixture of Ximena`s pedagogical and educational formation with Rodrigo`s technological training and competence , which formalised the beginning of a homeschool education track specially conceived to educate their daughters. Such impulse gave birth to the first Online and Virtual School in Chile that provides educational formation in a totally synchronous modality. Many years have passed since that venture and now, IFS covers educational track to hundreds of students and has graduated more than 7 generations of alumni. We can say now that we are progressing along the path that we have always desired and wanted: it definitely was a first step in what constitutes a totally new path nowadays.

Ximena Faunes holds a Language Educator degree by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Master´s degree on Educational Management by IEDE University. Mrs. Salgado is the Academic Director of IFS

Rodrigo Faunes holds a Computing and Multimedia Engineer degree by UNIACC and a Mathematics and Physics Educator degree by Universidad Gabriela Mistral. He also holds a Master´s degree on E-Learning and Education Technology by Universidad Camilo José Cela in Spain.

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