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"Our Educational and Philosophical Vision and Mission Statement"

As a dynamic community of learning, IFSchool contends the vision of being a benchmark in Online Education worldwide encompassing all areas of human formation and development, reaching through technology to educate people with both a high level of appreciation towards universal knowledge and, a high capacity to carry out great works for the benefit of the global society and its environment. IFSchool aims at educating our students in a totally comprehensive and equitable learning environment, rescuing traditional values to fully apply them over our modern society.

IFSchool understands that a customized learning trajectory leads up the way to reach a learning curve in the areas that you personally desire to flourish. With that perspective, IFSchool provides a set of learning modules each to be individually set out as wished in order to amply fulfil your learning dreams, personal objectives and professional goals. With that in mind, IFSchool positions itself as a learning provider with high standards of quality assurance to guarantee that the learning experience leads to a successful path.

Come enjoy the IFSchool Experience and give your dreams a concrete path to success.

IFSchool has been leading the virtual education for more than 11 years, especially in setting up both asynchronous and distance e-learning. This educational experience provides IFSchool with the capacity to position itself with high levels of academic and professional standards because we conceive that independently of where you would like to reach out for, there needs to be appropriate teaching guidance to transform those dreams into real achievement.

Customized Learning 
Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
75% higher test scores
Since the 90`s virtual schools have been providing transformational alternatives

 in K-12 education in the US, especially those alleviating from dropout rates, safety issues, different forms of bullying and other peer pressures.


July, 12 2020

According to the actual literature, since the Covid-19 pandemic,


the rules of the educational game have been challenged and a new transformational channel must be envisioned,

especially within educational systems around the world. The pandemic has propelled the need for moving from homogenous systems to more diverse and difference-driven ecological system (Soudlen, 2020) (Ivari, Sharma, & Ventä-Olkkonen , 2020). Virtual education offers a very well panorama and, among them, International Faunes School has been playing under these new rules for a long time establishing a well-constructed educational platform that better responds to the actual demands and challenges.


Educational Partners
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Senda Nueva On-line School (Chile)
Senda Nueva On-line School (Colombia)